Our aim at Jordana Ticia Cosmetics Ltd is to provide exceptional quality makeup products at an affordable price. We are not only makeup creators, but most importantly makeup lovers and enthusiasts. Our passion for makeup allows us to develop products that we know our customers will love, so they don’t get lost in their overflowing makeup collection.

We aim to create those holy grail products that you can’t live without. Founded by makeup artist Jordana Franks in 2016, Jordana Ticia Cosmetics has creative, knowledgeable input from a working artist behind each and every product released.

We develop, design and manufacture our products in the United Kingdom, using the highest quality ingredients. And of course, we are cruelty-free.

We strive for as many products as possible to be vegan. Currently, our vegan products are: Lipglosses, Liquid Lipsticks, Blushers, Pressed Highlighters and Set & Brighten Powder Duos. 

Our Base & Sparkles and Face & Sparkles aren't vegan as the bases contain bees wax.

before the brand

The beginning

Jordana had just started her first term as a University student, studying Business Management. She always had an arty flair, loved to paint and was obsessed with watching beauty Youtube videos. Whilst at University she decided to turn her hobby into a career and pursue makeup artistry. As a self taught makeup artist, 2014 was all about building up a loyal clientele for Jordana & learning to be her own boss.

Jordana Ticia

The idea

Whilst doing makeup on clients Jordana struggled to find brands creating matte Liquid Lipsticks in the UK. The only option at that time was to order online from the USA which meant long delivery windows and potential customs duties, which wasn't ideal for her student budget! So, she decided to take matters into her on hands and create her own brand. That is how Jordana Ticia Cosmetics was born. 

OMG! Look at our first Liquid Lipstick samples!

Jordana Ticia

the launch

In July 2016, Jordana Ticia Cosmetics was launched online. We began with just one item, Liquid Lipsticks, in only 3 shades!

Jordana Ticia


In March 2017 we launched our Lipglosses & Lustre Enhancers. We started with just 3 shades of lipgloss and 1 lustre enhancer.

Jordana Ticia

Launch of eyes

By the end of 2017 we began plans to launch a new category, an eyeshadow duo. We settled on the name ‘Base & Sparkle’ and they took months of development and perfecting before launch in January 2018.

Look at our original packaging samples!

Jordana Ticia

Launch of face

2019 was the year of new releases for Jordana Ticia. Following the success of our Base & Sparkle eyeshadows, we felt ready to venture into more product categories. In 2019 we successfully launched our Pressed Highlighters & Pressed Blushers.

Jordana Ticia

Face & Sparkle

2020 saw our most innovative launch to date, the Face & Sparkle highlighter duo!